What Happens If Your Mala Breaks?

It is safe to say that most mala will eventually break. They are energetic tools that are meant for use and take on more wear and tear than other forms of jewelry.

It is said that when your mala breaks, your intention has been met. Hopefully with daily conscious wear and Japa Meditation your karmic cycle for this mala is complete. Take some reflection time and do a final meditation with that mala. 

Our malas are very personal and we can have a deep connection with our mala. Sometimes it can be difficult to release the attachment to a particular mala. Consider whether you are ready to take on a new intention and mala. You may choose to honor the beads by performing a blessing ceremony and placing them on your alter. You can also cleanse the beads and repurpose into bracelets or even a new custom mala. 

If you feel like you aren't ready for a new mala, I can help you create a new custom mala with same beads but with a slight difference or change to the mala. 
Feel free to contact me to discuss repair or other options. 

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