Awaken Clarity Call
Are you feeling like life is shifting quickly and you can't keep up? Are you running ideas over and over in your head? Trying to figure out how to manage life? Do you feel that if you had more clarity, you could move with more flow?

Together we will gain clarity about an aspect in your life! You will walk away with an intention and action steps to help you make the moves. This is multi dimensional work with a variety of techniques to assist you. 
$44. 40 minutes zoom call with Amy


Chakra Reading

Using a pendulum, we tap into your energy field to get an accurate sense of what’s going on with your chakras. We also do an oracle card reading and crystal suggestions. $44, in person or zoom with Amy


Crystal Healing

Chakra Reading and Crystal Healing. For this session, we do an oracle card reading, then have you lay down for the chakra reading and balancing. I also offer crystal healing energy work to balance chakras during this session. $88 in person with Amy


Mala Activation 
Do you desire a deeper connection with your mala? Set intentions for your gemstones so they can serve you with crystal healing!

Does your mala feel dull or like it's soaked up negative energy along the way with daily wear? Learn best cleansing and charging techniques. 

Learn a simple way to meditate daily. Together we will do the Japa Meditation technique so you feel comfortable meditating on your own after. 
$44. 40 minutes zoom call with Amy

Custom Mala
A magical collaboration process between you and Amy.
Bring your intention and possible stone ideas. Amy will select stones according to your ideas, intuition, and inventory. Design is created based from your Life Path Numberology number or personal preference. 
Custom Mala includes choices of stones, thread color, guru, and tassel.

A mantra is also selected for knotting and meditation practice after. Each custom mala receives a 3 card Ascended Master Reading. An Ascended Master is invoked in each mala. 

The communication takes place over text as Amy sends picture options of choices. 
$148. 1-2 weeks to create with Amy