What's A Mala?

Mala beads are an ancient tool used for the practice of meditation to keep the mind focused.

Mala originated from Buddhism and Hinduism. You do not to have to be religious or spiritual to have mala beads. A mala can simply be used as a reminder of your intentions.
A traditional mala consists of 108 natural gemstones beads, then knotted after each bead, charged with a mantra. It has one guru bead and a tassel.

A mala is a gift that continues to give because of the energetic gemstone properties, love and intention that is put into the creation of each mala.

Mala beads can also provide balance for the chakras. Depending on the gemstones the chakras can be activated, healed and transformed with the mala. Most of our mala are constructed with specific chakras in mind. 


How to use your Mala

  • Start by holding the mala in your right hand with the guru and tassel facing you.
  • Touching the first bead above guru with thumb and inside of finger.
  • Inhale and Exhale, Say your mantra or prayer.
  • Gently pull the bead down towards you and repeat your mantra.
  • Say your mantra with each bead that you pull towards you for a total of 108 times. 108 are on each mala.
  • Stop with your Guru bead, say a pray of gratitude.
  • Aim to do this practice twice daily for 40 days.


The 5 Fingers Used in Mala Meditation

There are acupressure points on each of the fingers that work on different parts of the psyche and the brain.  When the beads press the meridian points in the finger, you can work on a specific result.  The meridian point you are trying to activate is located on the side of each finger, in the center point between the tip of the finger and the upper knuckle.

The properties of the meridian points for each finger are as follows:

  • Index Finger (Jupiter Finger): Wisdom. Knowledge. Prosperity
  • Middle Finger (Saturn Finger): Patience.
  • Ring Finger (Sun Finger): Health. Vitality. Strengthen the Nervous System.
  • Little Finger (Mercury Finger): Communication. Intelligence.

Take the time to work with your mala, find your groove. Remember, a simple inhale and exhale for each bead is all you need to get started.