Intuitively designed with your intention in mind

Gemstone Mala beads crafted to activate Chakra healing.

108 Bead Gemstone Mala

Our Mala are crafted with high quality gemstones to bring the healing crystal vibes, giving you a positively powerful piece of art. May you find our mala to be easy to incorporate in your meditation practice and daily life.

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Mala Bracelets

Our gemstone bracelets are carefully crafted with the highest intention and healing combination possible. We specialize in stretch bracelets and offer a variety of sizes. Plus custom sizing if needed. We traditionally use beads from 4-10 mm, most being 8mm. 

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Crystals & Tools

We offer a small variety of crystals to add to your sacred collection. These are perfect companions for your mala or to crafts crystal grids. These little tokens are also wonderful gifts. 

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  • I love this mala necklace SO much!

    I bought a garnet Mala from you last year at the PHF. Last week when I saw your booth I knew I wanted to see if you still had the opalite Mala and you did! I bought it without hesitation and I just wanted you to know that I can literally feel the love that is infused in this creation. I love this mala necklace SO much that I have worn it everyday since I bought it. Thank you again for making such beautiful, sacred jewelry with pure intentions. With love, Sandy

  • Hidden Gem

    Nava Mala is a hidden gem among local businesses, crafting exquisite crystal and gemstone jewelry. Each piece reflects a personal touch that radiates a sense of uniqueness and beauty. Beyond the stunning jewelry, what truly sets Nava Mala apart is the warmth and kindness of the family behind it, making every purchase a heartfelt experience. Their dedication to both craftsmanship and genuine connection to the people they create for is a special haven for those seeking not only aesthetically pleasing jewelry, but jewelry with meaning and intention carefully and beautifully placed in it. -Abby

  • Intention

    I have followed this wholesome business for years. Amy thoughtfully constructs each piece of jewelry. I have several pieces that I use in my practice and love dearly. This business is intentional with their work and for that I am deeply grateful. Blessings -Cassie

  • Mission Statement:

    At Nava Mala, we create handcrafted gemstone malas and jewelry designed to activate your chakras and promote inner healing. Each piece is crafted with intention and unique design to enhance wellness and beauty. As a family business rooted in deep meditation, we take great pride in our quality gemstones and craftsmanship. Our 108 Malas are specifically designed to support your meditation practice and serve as tools for transformation.

  • Vision Statement:

    Nava Mala envisions a world where holistic wellness and spiritual harmony are accessible to all. We aim to be a leading provider of intentionally crafted gemstone jewelry that empowers individuals on their journey towards inner peace and transformation. Through our commitment to quality, authenticity, and mindful practices, we aspire to inspire and uplift our community, fostering a deeper connection to self and the universe.

  • Our WHY

    Nava Mala was born from a profound connection to creativity and Mother Earth through the beauty of gemstones. I believe this path was given to me to create malas for people, allowing me to share my passion, love, and artistic expression through each piece. Crafting malas is my way of offering healing art to the world, bringing blessings and transformation to those who wear them. This journey has blossomed into a meaningful business, providing me with the joy and privilege of working from home while being a full-time mother and wife. As a family, we pour our hearts into creating healing gemstone malas for you, infusing each piece with love, intention, and the nurturing energy of Mother Earth.

Reconnecting with the original vision, mission and Nava Peace Tribe’s roots. May we root down and rise up together!

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