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NAVA translates in many languages meaning; New, Modern, Beauty.

It also means to TUNE. 

Mala is a sanskrit word meaning a Garland. A Mala is used to count mantras, prayers, intentions, and breath. A Mala becomes a spiritual tool of transformation that is in TUNE with the highest intention. 

May our jewelry tune the soul, deepen meditation,and bring forth the highest manifestations! 

Soul Jewelry for Meditation and Manifestation

NAVA Mala creates hand-knotted, reiki infused Mala Beads to support your spiritual journey. 

Our Mala are crafted with high quality gemstones to bring the healing crystal vibes, giving you a positively powerful piece of art. 

May you find our mala to be easy to incorporate in your meditation practice and daily life.


Symbolic Weld

Our permanent jewelry offers a symbolic connection to a personal intention or to another person. Permanent Jewelry can be done with a loved one to match and weld a memory.

NAVA Mala loves adorning our clients with 14K Gold Filled or .925 Sterling Silver jewelry that holds intention and effortless beauty.

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Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone Bracelets

Our gemstone bracelets are carefully crafted with the highest intention and healing...