Care and Quality


Gemstones beads are earth minerals and require good care to maintain energy, color, condition and life of stones. 

Remove before exposure to water or chlorine. Avoid direct contact with products such as lotion, hairspray, makeup, and perfume. It is best to remove gemstone jewelry before sleeping and intense physical activity. 

It is recommended to roll bracelets over the wrist to help preserve the quality and stretch. 

Always remember to cleanse and charge your gemstone jewelry when it feels “heavy” or at full moons.


All of our creations are original designs handmade with the pure intention and love. We take pride in the quality of gemstones you receive and pay close attention to the details and design. All of our mala are hand knotted on strong nylon thread and we use egyptian cotton for tassels for long lasting daily use. 

Our bracelets follow the same guidelines for quality. We even offer custom sizing, please note on your order. 

All creations receive Reiki and sound healing attunement before they leave our hands. 


Your business means the world to us. It shows us that we are in alignment with our passion and mission to Gaia. Everyone deserves to feel the healing energy that crystals offer and may you find the mala that inspires you to life in full intention and peace! Feel free to reach out to us with questions or to discuss life, crystals and above all healing. In BIG gratitude, BLESSINGS TO YOU!