Would you like to discover how crystals can transform your life?

Want to feel happier, reduce stress, and live a more peaceful life?

How about attract specific things into your life, like financial abundance, the dream job, life partner...or even a new baby?


I’m Amy Nava  and I help women (and some men!) do all this and more -- using intention, manifestation and the amazing power of crystals.

My belief is that, I was sent to Earth to be a Crystal Grid Worker. And… help others heal and ascend with the support of Crystals and Meditation!

Crystals have certainly transformed my life and those all around me. Using a Mala and pairing it with a mantra and meditation has brought in miracles to my life.

For example, owning my own jewelry boutique is my dream job! The stone Carnelian and meditation prepared both my husband and I for our daughter to be conceived. I’ve been able travel and teach people all about crystal healing and intentional living.


All of our creations are intuitively designed, reiki and sound healing infused. We take great care in bringing our customers the best from our brand, NAVA Mala and our hearts.



Thank you for choosing NAVA Mala to be in your life. May you be blessed with miracles.