About Us


NAVA Mala started in 2017, after a Divine conversation with Gaia (Mother Earth).
While at a Yoga Journal Conference and after completing 108 Sun Salutations, Amy's chronic back pain was raging. Settling into Savasana, she asked Gaia to take away the pain and in a miracle moment, the pain was gone.  Overwhelmed with relief, Amy thanked Gaia and asked what to do in return. She heard an interesting request, "Make Mala, show how valuable Earth is. Help people heal through crystals." 

At the time, Amy and Matthew were helping out a dear friend Misha, at her Mala booth at the Yoga Journal Conference. The request seemed odd as Amy knew very little little about crystals and had just started learning about the power of Mala. On the car ride home, the couple couldn't stop gushing about the conference and the message Amy received. 
Once home, the couple pulled out their old malas, beads and started learning. Misha helped gather supplies and taught the couple how to make mala. 

Right away, Amy started downloading the energetics of the crystals just by touch and working with them. "It felt like the crystals were talking to me, telling me their properties. The creation of Mala was born quickly, the beads literally put themselves together in beautiful combinations. I knew then I had been given a gift from Gaia!" 

The couple diligently created malas and bracelets into the late night hours. Soon they started sharing their creations via Facebook and now primarily on Instagram. After years of sharing Mala at holistic fairs and summer events, NAVA Mala has become a household name in Colorado. The company continues to expand steadily online. NAVA Mala is proud to be a self-financed, family owned company who loves to serve with intention and pure hard work. 


Welcome to NAVA Mala! My name is Amy Nava, founder and designer for NAVA Mala. I'm a Colorado Native who loves holistic living: Crystals, plants, fresh food, yoga, and most importantly my family. I live a pretty simple life with my amazing husband Matthew, our two spirited kids and Goldendoodles. 
Always a student, I've been practicing holistic living since high school. I love learning new modalities in the healing arts. Holding certificates and practice in: Yoga, Reiki, Life Coaching, Crystal and Chakra Healing, Meditation and more. My passion is teaching others how to center their energy with crystals and meditation. To tap into the inner knowing and to live authentically! 
I truly want to share with the world how these healing gemstones can awaken your spirit, heal your pain and inspire anew! 

Yo, I'm Matthew Nava! I am grateful to be a man of God, a passionate husband, and a loving father! On this Earth I have many labels, but one thing that spirit always leads me back to is teaching, it's my superpower. Currently, I am teaching 2nd grade and loving it. Second grade is a curious age, with endless potential and we stay busy learning. When not teaching, I love to play music, do yoga, and of course make Mala! I have always been a jewelry lover and it has paid off with the endless designs that seem to come to my mind. Yoga and Mala has been the journey since giving up alcohol 10 years ago. "Mala and Yoga have truly filled the hole in my spirit, that I was trying to fill with alcohol." I like to say, "I didn't choose the Mala life, the Mala life chose me."


All of our creations are original designs handmade with the pure intention and love. We take pride in the quality of gemstones you receive and pay close attention to the details and design. All of our mala are hand knotted on strong nylon thread and we use egyptian cotton for tassels for long lasting daily use. 
Our bracelets follow the same guidelines for quality. We even offer custom sizing, please note on your order. 
All creations receive Reiki and sound healing attunement before they leave our hands. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our site and learn About Us. Your business means the world to us. It shows us that we are in alignment with our passion and mission to Gaia. Everyone deserves to feel the healing energy that crystals offer and may you find the mala that inspires you to life in full intention and peace! Feel free to reach out to us with questions or to discuss life, crystals and above all healing. In BIG gratitude, BLESSINGS TO YOU!